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Lessons for Living

Champaign County Home and Community Education

Major Lessons: 2011-12
Cooking from the Cabinet
Crafts as Gifts
To Soy or Not to Soy
Food Wraps
Mindless Eating
Understanding Home Schooling
Everything is Coming Up Roses
Choosing Reliable Nutrition Information
No Minor lessons this year



Major Lessons 2010-2011

Organic Foods
Celebrations and Memories
Don't Stroke Out About Your Health
Spend Smart/Save Smart
Hanging Gardens
101 Ways to Going Green
Minor Lessons:
Baking Soda Magic
Pressure Cookers
Making Your Own Cleaning Products
Make Better Choices to Lower Salt Intake
Car Care
Stir Fry
Canning Tips
Food Substitutions
Major Lessons:  2009-2010
Slow Cookers
Maintaining Your Household Systems
Reverse Mortgages
Talking About Tough Times
Memory Firness
Water Smart Gardening
Growing Small Fruit in the Home Garden
Food or Supplements 
Minor Lessons:
Fresh Ideas for Salads
Breathe (Exercises)
See the Future? Your Vision As You Age
Reduce Violence in Television and Movies
Brain Blitz
Shoes to Fit Your Feet--How to Measure
Challenges of Parenting Grandchildren
Baking Soda Magic
Major Lessons:  2008-2009
"Creating an Heirloom Quality Family Cookbook"
"Violence Across the Life Span"
"Purchasing on Line"
"Fruits and Vegetables"
"Living Single in a Couple's World"
"Choosing a Financial Professional"
"Landscaping on the Wild Side"
"Crocheted Lace, its historical view and
          patterns throughout the years"
Minor Lessons:  2008-2009
"Blueberries Beyond Muffins"
"Weird History"
"What Happened to Ipana?"
"Why Do Grocery Stores Have Olive Bars?"
"What To Do With Cake Mixes"
"What's My Financial IQ?"
"Beef Basics for Better Shopping"
"Do You Wonder Where the Yellow Went?"
"Taking Time for Bread Making the Easy Way"

Minor Lessons:
"Blueberries beyond muffins"
"Weird History"
"What happened to Ipana?"
"Why do grocery stores have olive bars?"
"What to do with cake mixes"
"What's my financial I.Q.?"
"Beef basics for better shopping"
"Do you wonder where the yellow went?"
"Taking time for bread making the easy way"